Monday, March 23, 2015

XC Ski Trip Reflection

On Tuesday March 3rd I went on the Gatineau Park XC ski trip, we skied roughly 12 km during the day.
Overall I had a very good experience on the ski trip, in the beginning when the track was mostly ups and a few down hills I was enjoying it because every time you worked hard to climb a hill you would be rewarded with a down hill. I really enjoyed the morning, everything leading up to lunch. I was classic skiing in the track and I was very comfortable with my technique I had a good push for most of the trip but I did get tired towards the end of the trip and started slowing down.
I found after lunch I did not enjoy the trail as much because it was mostly uphill, however once we got to the lookouts and got a chance to rest and look at the view it was very fun and a great experience. Also after that there was mostly downhill so it was a break for my legs, which I really appreciated.
The only thing I would do differently next time would be to skate ski instead of classic style. First of all I would be able to go much faster and get more momentum for the downhill, which would be very fun. Also because I am comfortable with classic skiing it would be an interesting challenge to try to skate ski. Finally if I had the chance to do a trip like this again I would definitely do it, it might have been hard work but it was still a great day and definitely worth a little fatigue.

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