Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wintercamp Reflection

       On March 4th, 2015 we where to sleep in our quinzhee at school. For my first time building a quinzhee I have to say it was a huge success. We made sure to make loads of space and we ended up with space for almost 5 people, so for 3 people it was perfect. Also are cold sink was pretty good due to the fact that it was taller than are entrance stopping the cold air from getting to us.  The final thing I believe I did well was digging out as much as possible so you could light coming through most of the quinzhee and also so there wasn't any snow dripping down on us at night.  Now two things which I would improve is two make sure to bring heat warmers/extra socks for my toes as they would fairly cold through out the night.   Honestly I think are quinzhee was one of the best so finding something to improve on isn't easy. So i would probably say more candles to produce heat as we had led candles which were only really for scent, so the quinzhee itself wasn't as warm as we would have liked it to be.

Our quinzhee was a huge success so for someone building a quinzhee I would recommend most of the things we did. One of the most important if you are building for a school project try to work with someone from another class so the building and digging out of the quinzhee will go twice as fast, then having one quinzhee for two nights. Some groups didn't share so it took them more time to build and dig out then it did for us.  Another recommendation I would make is make your quinzhee tall enough. Me being a tall guy we wanted the quinzhee to be a couple more inches taller than me. Once again some groups quinzhee weren't tall enough and for those who were tall were a little cloister phobic in their quinzhee.  Another recommendation similar to the quinzhee being tall enough is to make it wide enough. Like I previously stated we had a ton of extra space so we weren't squished beside each other, you would probably want to have enough space that the person beside isn't right in your face.  A very important thing which you must do is have a good supper. My group had pasta with sausage and bacon which is a good source of protein which should fill you up for the night. But if you have chips and candy you will feel awful as you didn't eat a good source of energy for supper. My final recommendation for you is TO BRING LOTS OF LAYERS, also make sure you have two sleepy bags as one is not enough. I was fairly warm through out the night  but I didn't have two or three layers of socks which caused my feet to get cold through out the night. Once the sun goes down the temperature drops drastically so you may want to put on more layers if you didn't have enough already. 

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