Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter Camp Reflection

Winter camp was a great experience that I was able to enjoy with 3 of my closest friends. We worked really hard on our quintzee and we were all very happy with the way it turned out. From the outside it seemed very small but when you got inside it was very spacious ( Before bed we invited some people in to get it warmed up and we had 9 people sitting comfortably ). Because it was our first time obviously there were a few things we could have done better but for the most part it was a fun night.

 When we were digging out we didn't poke holes out the top so we left the door open a bit so it became a bit chilly in the early morning so I was a little uncomfortable in the night ( there was also a lump under my hip that I couldn't get rid of so that sucked) but everyone else in my group was fine they said . We had candles to light the quintzee which also made it smell so good and heated it a little, but we blew them out before bed so I think that also made it colder as well.

 I think that if we had a fire that would have been a lot better because I was a bit chilly when we were just chilling but  my friends were complaining that hey were cold most of the night so I think that would have helped. Because it was our first time we didn't plan everything that great so there were probably some things we could have done to stay a little more dry to keep from getting cold so that will definitely be noted for next time.

 Other than those few thing I think we had a really good quintzee that kept us all pretty warm and comfortable. would I do it again? Probably not because living in a snow bank isn't really my stile but like if a friend asked me to I might do it again. 


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