Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wintercamp Personal Reflection

Three things we did well during the whole wintercamp process would be the quality of our quinzee,we had thick walls that kept us warm during the night. Our outdoor walled area that protected our coal fire from the wind and gave us and others a place to cook our food,prepare it,and eat .It was also a great location to hang out and get warm.The final thing we did well was our food,we had an awesome dinner that was rewarding to eat after patiently cooking on the coals,Which was then followed by hot chocolate.

Two thing we could improve would be the flatness of our platform,it was quite bumpy and slightly slanted which made it a bit difficult to fall asleep but overall was not a big issue. Definitely something to keep in mind for next time though. A second thing would be the ventilation in our quinzee, we did not make a ventilation hole in the top of our quinzee which could have benefited us.

Three recommendations i would  for someone sleeping in a quinzee for the first time would be firstly,make sure your walls are thick,this helps greatly in keeping you warm throughout the night.Secondly i would suggest you make a good platform for sleeping as i made the mistake in not putting much time into my platform and it made it a bit difficult to sleep. And finally, don’t stop piling snow,even if you think you have enough, you will be amazed at how much your quinzee compacts/shrinks.It is extremely beneficial to be able to choose how big you want your quinzee to be inside.As an extra,i would suggest trying to pick an area that is sheltered from the wind,secluded from others quinzees,as snow becomes sparse as you continue to build,and don’t take too big of a group, 4 people max is what i would suggest.

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