Friday, March 13, 2015

Wintercamp reflection

Our wintercamp was a blast this year. This was my first year with this experience and I feel I did a good job preparing for this. Three things we did well were bring enough food to stay satisfied throughout the night, bring a change of clothes after playing in the snow and getting wet and then having a reliable quinzhee to sleep in. Two things i would improve on would be bringing another sleeping bag if i was a bit cold and also a warmer pair of boots.  Five recomendations i would have for someone building a quinzhee would be : have a good cold sink, do not make too long of an entrance tunnel, do not make it too spacious and have the entrance face away from the wind.

Quinzhee Analysis : I thought our quinzhee would be a lot more spacious then it was but i am glad it was smaller because it made it more cozy. I expected it to be a bit warmer in the quinzhee but it was actually quite cold. Our quinzhee was reasonably cold while others said theirs was warm. Next time I would just bring more blankets and more pairs of socks.

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