Friday, March 27, 2015

Cross Country Skiing

                I had a blast on the Gatineau cross country skiing trip! It was a very enjoyable experience. My class went on march 10th and it was a beautiful day. The scenery was breath taking and the temperature was very nice. The trials where so much fun even though going up and down the hills where very tiring. We all had so much fun laughing, talking and falling all day.

                  This trip was fun as well as a great learning opportunity. I learnt that even though you are terrible at something it doesn't men you can't have fun doing it. I am not the best skier by far but I enjoyed this trip just as much as the best skier.

                  I would definitely go on this trip again as a class or just with a bunch of friends. This trip was a great experience and I hope I get a chance to go on those trails again.

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