Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Camp Reflection

Winter Camp Reflection
By Aislinn Defries

My group's quinzhee and winter camp was very interesting, but really fun too! My group consisted of my four friends: Caylee, Kaitlyn, Sophia, Emily, and of course myself. We were organized with who was bringing what for food and dishes, as we planned a few days ahead. For example, Sophia brought granola bars, Kaitlyn brought popcorn, Emily brought salad and the salad bowl, I brought dishes, Caylee brought hot dogs, and Caylee and I both brought the supplies for the Kraft Dinner. We also made the quinzhee a good size, as the walls were very thick. I personally was quite warm during the night. We also had a good idea on our bed layout before dark, as we thought of different body lengths, etc. We worked on our sleeping platform for quite some time too.

Although we made our quinzhee a good size on the outside, we could’ve made it bigger on the inside. It was a tough trying to comfortably squeeze five girls into one small area. For example, Caylee and I were both squished into the walls of the quinzhee, Sophia is really tall so she was uncomfortable, and Kaitlyn and Emily were uncomfortable as well. I personally was comfortable, but I felt bad for some of the other girls in the quinzee. Although our quinzhee looked really big on the outside, it was actually very small on the inside. We also spent a long time working on our quinzee, which means that we prepared and ate dinner very late. We worked on our quinzhee until 7-7:30pm on the winter camp night, and felt tired and hungry. When we just finished our quinzhee, every other group was finishing up their meals. Perhaps we could improve on our time management skills (working on it more during class time, etc.)

For anyone who is building/sleeping in a quinzhee for the first time, I recommend to bring a lot of layers. You are going to get very wet while working on the inside of your quinzhee, and you don’t want to be cold the rest of the night! Bring three sets of clothes (working clothes, evening clothes, and sleep clothes), and perhaps even a second jacket. I also recommend for you to spend all the time that you possibly can to work on your quinzhee. Spend the WHOLE class time on it every day, and possibly even after school or at lunch on some days!! Other than the day of the winter camp, we only worked on it during class and that was a disadvantage on our part. My last recommendation is to make sure to see if everyone fits inside your quinzhee before you go to bed. For my group, it was already 7pm and we were very tired. Although, we could’ve at least seen if we all fit into it, and to see if we still need to work on it some more. We were a bit squished at night, but it sure was cozy! ;)

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