Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter Camp Reflection

By: Dan Doak 

Winter camp is a great experience. Although this was my third time sleeping in a quinzee, this time I was able to correct many of the mistakes I made the first and the second time. This year I was abe to spend more time socializing with the other winter campers, we spent this time staying warm and telling jokes around the fire, along with a few good games of manhunt once the sun went down. 

While building the quinzee for this winter camp I was able to use the lessons I learned from previous experience. I remembered how important height was and also that it should be big enough for everyone but not overly large. when digging out the quinzee is previous years I had made the mistake of leaving the cold sink and the platform to be a slope rather than a drop-off because we fixed this error year sleeping was a lot easier this year. 

After dinner, we played a few games of manhunt. well playing manhunt I realized that my outfit was very well prepared for keeping warm well moving, but I also learned that when staying still my hand got cold very quickly. I think the number one way to stop this from happening would have been to either bring thicker gloves, or maybe even some hot packs. 

winter camp was a great experience. I learned how to fix the mistakes that I made this year, and my winter camp next year will be even better. As my previous statement proves I will be doing this again weather i am forced to by the curriculum, or if I want to do it in my backyard, or like this year I might do both. 

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