Thursday, March 12, 2015

winter camp reflection- Dane Clemenhagen

I enjoyed winter camp, I slept well and was warm for most of the trip. our menu was much improved from last year. Last year we had Mr noodle this year we had potatoes, sausages and Oreos for dessert. our Quinzhee was much better made that our last years one as well. we also had gotten a lot of wood for the campfire that we were unfortunately not allowed to make.  if I go  winter camping next year I hope to improve on our menu and even though our Quinzhee was a big improvement from last year I think next year it will be much better. if you're building a Quinzhee for the first time I suggest first you make sure everyone can fit in your Quinzhee before the night you have to sleep in it, keep your sleeping supplies dry, spend time making a good cold sink, change your clothes before you go to bed, and if you think your Quinzhee's big enough add an extra foot.

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