Tuesday, March 24, 2015

overnight winter camp trip log

Day one

Packed gear in the outdoor Ed room

Bus ride to p17

Snow shoed 2km into brown cabin

Unpacked gear in brown cabin and melted snow for water

Snow shoed about 8km around Brown Lake and Carman Lake

Made spaghetti with ground beef pasta sauce, Cesar salad and garlic toast

Melted snow for water

Day 2

Breakfast was English muffins cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon with slices of oranges and apples

Packed gear for day ski trip

Went skiing for about 11km stopped for lunch

Lunch we ate grill cheese

Skied a few km stopped at the path to the caves

Walked 1km in to get to the caves

Explored the caves

1km back to ski path

Skied back to brown cabin approximately 7-8 km

Had fajitas for dinner = chicken peppers, cheese and Spanish rice

Melted snow for water

Relaxed by a fire

Day 3

Had pancakes and fruit slices for breakfast

Packed gear

Snow shoed 2km to p17 loaded bus and arrived back at school.

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