Monday, March 30, 2015

XC Ski Trip Refelction

               The trip to Gatineau park made me think of cross-country skiing in a whole new way. It made me enjoy the sport and enjoy a day of activity with friends. We were able to skate ski all day in Gatineau and I was able to improve my skiing and endurance. The lunch was a nice break in the mid day and the look out was also a nice stop on the trip. Overall it was an amazing day that I would do again any day. The most challenging part of the trip was the big climb right before we reached the cabin. The climb was long and steep and was by far the most difficult part of the day. The easiest part of the day was having a nice lunch up on the mountain. The lunch was so amazing because we accomplished the long climb to the top of camp fortune and we knew it was almost all down hill from there. If I was to do it again I would bring less clothes with me. I brought too many layers for how warm it was.

               The weather that day was was very warm, it was sunny and beautiful day outside. The snow conditions we're really good, luckily it wasn't so warm that the snow was melting. I brought enough water for the warm day. I had a backpack filled with water, so I stayed hydrated. My lunch consisted of 3 cliff bars and a juice box. If I was to do it again I would bring a bigger lunch, I was just in a rush in the morning. Next time I would pack my lunch the day before and have a proper meal. In my opinion it was a day that everyone that went improved their skiing and also had a great time. None of the hills were too hard and it was a fairly casual day overall. I would do the ski trip again if I had the chance, it was a day that made me think twice about the sport of cross-country skiing.

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