Friday, March 27, 2015

Ski Trip Reflection

What an amazing experience. On March 10th, 2015, my Outdoor Ed class went to Gatineau Park (Camp Fortune) and classic skied through the day. As we skied up hills, on flat trails, and down hills, we successfully skied many kilometers and saw some amazing scenery on the way, such as the Champlain Lookout. We also stopped at a cabin half way through the day to eat lunch. This was also a nice class-bonding session as we talked, laughed, and skied together for the day.

This was a very fun trip. I had a lot of fun with my friends, and also learned and experienced how to classic ski better than before. The weather was beautiful, which made the day even better. The snow was flat and thin, which was perfect for a day of skiing. One thing I love about Outdoor Ed is that we do a variety of activities, such as cross-country skiing. This trip made me realize that patience and positivity are the key things you need in order to have a great ski day.
From this trip, I also learned to go at your own pace. Do not speed up just to keep up with people. If you uncomfortable with the speed you are going at, then just take it easy! Also, going at my own pace let me have the chance to witness the beautiful sceneries that we skied through. The thing I enjoyed the most was hanging out with my friends, and having a good time! I also enjoyed skiing through the beautiful landscapes and eventually making it to the Champlain Lookout. I have to say that the most challenging thing was keeping up the proper movements of classic skiing (remembering when to glide with each foot, etc.) Also, going up steep and/or narrow hills was challenging too. I also found that I got a tired easier after lunch. The least challenging thing about this trip was gliding, as the snow was very flat and perfect weather as well. I would not carry a heavy-ish backpack if I ever go again, as it was hurting my back/shoulders, and was moving all the time. I would also bring more water next time, as I got tired pretty quickly. I would DEFINITELY do this trip again. I had an amazing time!!! After, a long but fun day of skiing, we were all happily smiling because of the amazing experience we all just had. :)

                                                                                                          By Aislinn Defries

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