Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter camp logs

Day 1:
-Packed gear in OE room.
-Bus ride to p17.
-Snowshoe in on trail 72 for 2 km to brown cabin. (1 hour)
-Unpacked gear.
-Snowshoe around Brown lake and Carman lake, up a few large hills and down a steep cliff face. About 8 km in total. (3 hours)
-Supper was spaghetti. The noodles were cooked in boiling water and the sauce was simple pasta sauce and ground beef, garlic toast was toasted in the oven.

Day 2:
-Breakfast was breakfast sandwiches. English muffins were toasted in the oven, cheese was shredded, bacon was cooked over the stove, eggs were scrambled in the pan.
-Intended to ski for about 22 km, but stayed back instead.
-Chopped wood for about 30 mins.
-Gathered snow for water for a total time of about 1 hour.
-Snowshoed across Brown lake for about 1 hour.
-Lunch was instant oatmeal added to boiling water.
-Prepared fajitas for supper. Chicken was pre-cooked and reheated, Spanish rice was pre-cooked and reheated, plain rice was added to boiling water to cook, red peppers were sauted, marble cheese was shredded, tortillas were laid out on plates, and sour cream was left in the tub.

Day 3:
-Breakfast was pancakes with chocolate chips and sliced fruit.

-Snowshoed out on trail 72 for 2 km to the bus. (1 hour)

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