Thursday, March 12, 2015

Brayden M. - Quinzhee Reflection & Analysis

Winter Camp Reflection-

1.a) - Our quinzhee was very spacious and sleeping was relatively comfortable.  
      - We made a wall around the door to our quinzhee so wind was reduced a lot.
      - The food we brought was delicious and filling.
  b) - I over-estimated the warmth of my sleeping bag and my sleep was very short and cold.
      - Once we emptied our packs they were useless in trying to
  c) - Make the quinzhee bigger than you think is necessary for more space to sleep.
      - Bring food that is easy to store before you cook it.
      - Use a tarp and extra thermarests to insulate your sleeping bag from the ground.
      - Be sure to cover the entrance tunnel with bags and leftover supplies.

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