Friday, March 13, 2015

Wintercamp reflection

The Cw wintercamp was a great experience. My group was Jacob, Ghadeer, Mahad and I. We were quite prepared although there were a few things we did wrong. One of the things we did well was the food. We made hotdogs and fajitas which everybody liked and we made enough to keep us full, we also had a lot of snacks and water so that we would never get hungry or dehydrated. Another thing we did well was our placement of the door and the thickness of the wall in our quinzhee, our quizhee kept us warm all night because our walls were very thick and we placed the door at a place where the wind would'nt get in, so we did not feel any wind at all that night. The third thing we did well was teamwork, we all helped in building the quizhee and all of us brought an equal quantity of supplies. Also each of us, at one point went to build the quinzhee during lunch. The first thing i would improve is the walls, our walls were very thick we did not have much space inside the quinzhee, i think if we had hollowed it out a bit more we would have much more space. Also we forgot to bring a candle, we were warm although i think we would have been warmer if we had brought a candle. For someone building quinzhee i would recommend that you measure how big your wall should be and how far you should dig when digging out the snow. Make sure that tarp covers all of the snow under your sleeping bag so you don't get wet and make sure to bring a candle to keep you much warmer.

Before we started building our quinzhee we imagined it being really tall with space to stand and a lot of space to sleep. After we started working we realized it would be much harder to build it high and wide. The outcome was good, we had quite a bit of space and could kneel inside it although it was not quite what we envisioned. When we stayed in it, it was quite warm until the morning it became a bit colder. To improve i think we could have dug it out a bit more to have more space in the quinzhee, because when we broke it, we found that the wall was a lot bigger than we thought. Also i would have made sure the ground was flat inside the quinzhee because it was very uncomfortable when i was sleeping on a bump of snow.

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