Friday, March 13, 2015

Wintercamp Reflection

Winter Camp Reflection-Andrew Murphy

My experience with the Quinzhee was definitely something I WON'T forget. I was really impressed with how my group worked together. The team I was in consisted of the following people: Tristan R., Matthew K., Daniel K., Billy M., Richard V., and myself. (Tristan, Danny, Matt and I were on Tuesday, and Richard and Billy were on Wednesday)

The things we did well in are almost endless. Teamwork, I know it might seem like a canned answer, however we were so well prepared for that night it was amazing, we had enough food, warm clothes, and more. Daniel and I cooked the food, while the others had the buns for the hamburgers and hot dogs ready at the go. Good job group! The second thing we did well on was hard work, the periods we had to work on the Quinzhee was no waste of time. Due to the fact that we each had three people to work on the Quinzhee for periods 3&4, we as group got a lot done in the time we were given. No regrets. The last thing we did well on was communication. Communication was a BIG part, if one person didn't bring something, then the rest of the group was penalized. Matt, Danny, Tristan and I did not have that problem. A couple nights before we would sleep in the Quinzhee, we discussed who would bring what, the day of, we all brought exactly what we said we would. Great work team! I could go on and discuss many other things that we did well in, but this is good enough.

Two things I would improve, I would have taken a ruler, and put it in to see where we would have to stop digging. Without the ruler I found our group taking guesses when we should stop digging and when we should continue. However, we used light peeking through to determine when to stop, when it came time to take down our Quinzhee I noticed that we could have gone further on some parts, and others we were too close to making a hole in our Quinzhee on other parts. Another thing I would improve on is how we made our Quinzhee. Don't get me wrong, I loved our Quinzhee, however if it was a little wider for more leg room, it would have been perfect! Minor things that could be improved, but still had a great time.

Three recommendation for the first time people sleeping in a Quinzhee. I would have to say that, go with a lot of clothes and outside clothes because you can NEVER have too much, especially with snow. As well, bring other foods that you can eat in case something doesn't work out, or you want both. I had that happen when I brought hot dogs as well, and my group that night ate 2 hot dogs and 1 hamburger, so I was happy I brought them. Lastly, make your Quinzhee bigger than what you want so you can have wiggle room, and so you're not squished. Thankfully, our Quinzhee was just the right size.

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