Friday, March 27, 2015

Article assignment

Cast Away

The Movie Cast Away is a story which displays the loneliness which is attributed to survival situations, which to me, is the most terrifying.

The story is of a survivor, who made it through a plane crash only to wash ashore a deserted island. After a failed sailing attempt to escape the island, the man has to live there for years with only his beach volley ball companion.

This story grips me both for it's survival aspect as well as it's focus on the human mind and loneliness. I was transfixed by the way the man made a volley ball his friend. It displayed  his desire for social interaction and the need to be with others, a testament to human nature and how fragile the our mental psyche can be.

 I would recommend this movie to other people. As it's focus on the loneliness aspect of a survival situation brings a whole other perspective to situations like these.