Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter camp reflection

Winter camp reflection
The winter camp was a very enjoyable experience. I feel I was well prepared as I have slept in a quince before. I brought an extra pair of socks, gloves and an extra sweater and I brought a sleeping bag that was very war and comfortable during the night. The quince was more than big enough for me and the other student in the quince because we had six people who worked on it so it was made for four people at most during the night. we were able to build a platform so the cold air did not hit us to much while we were sleeping. We brought burgers to eat which was simple and easy so we did not go hungry. I would probably try and flatten the ground on the inside of the quince more as when we were sleeping it was very rounded, it did not effect me much when I went to sleep or during the night but when I woke up my back ached a bit. We probably could have brought more than just the burgers because although they were easy to make I would have been a little happier if we had something else like some desserts or something else to go on the burgers which we only had meat, cheese, and buns on them. When building your quince you should make sure it is actually big enough for all the people sleeping in it, while ours was more than big enough we thought it was even bigger. You should always bring extra pair of socks, underwear and other clothing a because if any of your clothes get wet and you don't have extras you will freeze in the wet clothes. Make sure you bring food you know how to cook or is at least easy to cook so you don't have to eat raw food.

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