Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Camp Reflection: Warren Bull

Building our quinzhee consisted of 2 groups. We teamed up with another class so we had 6 people working on building our qunzhee everyday. We decided that we would split our group in two so we had 3 of us sleeping on one night and the3on the other . We made our quinzhee so we had plenty of space. Although only 3 of us were staying in one night were easily able to fit 2 more big people(Raven and Brett). This gave us more living space in our quinzhee so we could move around more. The best part about our quinzhee was our cold sink. Our cold sink was higher than  groud  level which prevented  air coming in.Tthis kept us warm throughout the night. To have a good night in a qunzhee a good meal is key. I was the one who supplied the meal. We had pasta with sausage, beacon, onion, brocoli, and mushrooms.  One of the things that I would have changed were the mushrooms. Although I like mushrooms I didn't ask or verify to my group members if there was something that they didn't like in my pasta.Unfrotunately both my group members didn't like them but they were still able to eat them. Another thing I would have done was to bring candles. Fortunately another grouop had extra candles to share. It was a lack or organisation  not to bring them. Other than that everything went well.There are many things that I learned as a lesson from last year.  We spent a good chunk of time actually packing the snow down because the snow was deep. I also made sure to make a good cold sink becasue last year i didn't really have one .Another aspect that I tried to inprove on was the space. We made sure that it was comfortable to be in the quinzhee and that there was enough space for us to move.

Some addvice I would give to someone who is building a quInzhee for the first time would be to  find a good place so wind can't come in,pack the snow down properly, pile up the snow so it's just a head taller than you, make a the cold sink so it's taller than the enterance(makes a big difference), dig the snow out so you see blue light coming through and also to eat well before you go to bed (makes it much more enjoyable).

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  1. Try to separate you thoughts into paragraphs, it will give your writing more flow. Good job.