Friday, March 13, 2015

WInter camp reflection and Quincy analysis

Friday march 13
Winter camp reflection

As my first winter camp this was an amazing experience and I also learned a few new things. Next time I do a winter camp I will fix what I did wrong in this one so that next year when I do another winter camp it will be a better experience then this winter camp.

Three things that me and my group (Connor , Matthew, and Dane) did well is that we didn't take much time do make our Quincy, and the height of the Quincy was perfect. The second thing that we did well is that we brought food that would be appropriate for the situation like sausages, potatoes, MRE and drinks. The third thing that we did well is that we all put the same amount of work when we were making the Quincy, and when we all put the same amount of work we got a decent Quincy to sleep in.

There are many things that we could have done better but there are two important things that we should of done. One of the things we should of worked on is making the Quincy more wide, the reason why we needed it more wide is that when we slept in the Quincy we were all close to each other and we didn't have enough space for ourselves. Another things that we could of done better is making the platform of our Quincy more flat. The reason why we should of made it more flat is that all night all we were doing is sliding to our entrance because the platform was on an angle so we kept on sliding down.

Five things that I would recommend people to do while building a Quincy is to make sure that the height and the width of the snow bank would be enough to fit the amount of people you want to put in it, the second thing is to make sure that you bring extra clothes ,the third things is that they have to make sure that the platform is flat, if the platform is not flat all that's going to happened all night is that their going to slide through the entrance, the fourth thing is that should bring a water bottle just in case you get thirsty, and the fifth thing that I would recommend is that they should bring a warm sleeping bag, because if its not warm your night is going to be horrible.

Quincy analysis: At the beginning we wanted a big Quincy that would have enough space for all of us. while we were building it we worked more on the height of the Quincy than the width which messed us up a bit. when we were done our Quincy we didn't really think it would fit 3 big boys and matt, but somehow we were able to all fit in it. during the night I made a horrible mistake by taking my socks off which made my night horrible, but somehow I was still able to sleep even if my feet were freezing and water drops kept on hitting me all night. The only person that had a good sleep in the Quincy was Dane, the rest of us had a bad night. An improvement that could of been made is to flatten out the platform so we don't slide off , and something that should of been done is while we were pilling the snow we should of worked on the wideness so we would have enough space in the Quincy, and we wouldn't be all close to each other. Next time if I am going to make a four man Quincy with my group I would want to focus more on the wideness of the Quincy so we would all have a bit of space for ourselves
(drawing that would be the side view and the inside side view of the Quincy)

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