Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PAD3O Risk Management Interview

PAD3O Risk Management Interview
By: Neal Macfarlane

If I would get this job my main two priorities is that everyone is safe and that everyone is having a fun time. I would do this by planning ahead, taking leadership roles, and making sure there is no chance of risk problems.

For the first week before the campers arrive the first thing I would do is learn the weather and fire safety on the days we will be there. I will need to know this if we need to bring more wet gear if it will rain the whole time and if the fire risk is high that we will need an alternative to cooking our meals and keeping warm. Another thing to look at is the medical sheets the parents gave me of the campers. I will see if anyone has any major medical problems such as asthma or diabetes. I also check for food allergy so I can change the menu plan so that there are no problems with it. My final thing I would do is go through the route with the assistant guides so we make sure that route we are going is first easy to do if there are lower skilled level campers. Second if it is even possible to complete meaning maybe something changed in the map so we cannot go that way anymore. And third finding where we need to portage and the campsites so that we have an idea. I also will pack extra essentials if not provided such as first aid so if an injury occurs while canoeing we can prevent it from being a big problem.

On the second week the main thing I would be doing is learning the campers’ skill levels in all fields. I would see if they could put up/pack tents quickly, what cooking levels they are at, if they know what type of firewood to collect and most importantly the canoeing skills such as paddling, steering and drawing. And if there are difficulties such as one camp is not as good as paddling me or another assistant guides could help him/her with that so that when we are on the trip there will be no problems. Also we will make canoeing groups so that on the morning of when we leave for the trip we don’t have people by themselves or people having too many in one canoe. I will also tell all the campers and assistant guides the route we are taking and which campsites we will be staying at so if by any chance a person gets lost they can find where we are staying and come meet back with the group. Another thing I will be looking at that every person who has a medical problem has a medication and enough to last the week and if any has any physical problems such as knee brace so if we are going up a steep portage they are ok and don’t hurt their knee any farther.

Finally on the last week when we are canoeing my main priority will be keeping everyone safe and make sure that we stick together as a group. When portaging I will make sure everyone does their share of work with carrying canoes and packs so that we can do the portages fast and efficiently with no problems. Another thing I would be doing is making sure everyone is hydrated, if the weather is going to be extremely hot I need to make sure that the campers are drinking water and staying hydrated and not pushing too much and having a heat stroke. Also I’m guessing we will have food for when we are canoeing so I will make sure people are eating and not starving. Another thing is also time management though it isn’t crucial it still is a big factor for canoeing to campsites for lunch and dinner, and on the final day where we have to reach the bus. That’s why I will make sure we don’t spend too much time sitting around so that when we get to the campsite it isn’t 9pm and on the final in the morning we will wake up early the normal if the bus leaves early also.

If I get this job has head guide for this camp there is no chance have any risk not being solved. If the trip goes successful with no problems it will be done efficiently and quick while still having a good time.

Sorry for this being late sir just end of semester hecticness

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