Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PAD20 Hiking Trip Menu Evaluation

Frontenac Park Hiking Trip Menu Evaluation- Foster Johansson

     An essential part of hiking and camping, is always food. A lot of campers eat like royalty while camping, but for my group, not so much. On the first day of our three day trip, we ate snacks for lunch which were mostly provided by Gabe, and then dinner that evening we ate a tortilla filled with chicken, some vegetables and some salsa provided by Jeremy. The next morning before we continued hiking to the next camp, we ate a not-so nutritious snack of Nutella on toast, with some vegetables and some flavored water. After a long afternoon hike, we arrived at the lookout and ate a grilled cheese sandwich, with some crackers and snacks provided by Emad and myself.  Later that night, we ate some smoked beef sandwiches. Next, we ate some more beef sandwiches and bagels because we began to run out of food. In total these meals were alright, but not the best and they weren't healthy.

To begin with, these meals were not very nutritional or balanced within all the food groups. Some of the meals were tasty but most were not very filling and lacked taste, one of the best meals was the tortillas filled with chicken, because it was a hot meal, and filled us up to keep us warm throughout the night. Our whole group understood the importance of nutrition, especially while hiking and camping, but we did not plan meals that would help us and give us energy throughout the day, we planned easy and relatively tasty meals, but we didn't bring enough of it to fill us up on every meal, which was very inconvenient. When we planned our meals, we thought that there would be enough food to last us the whole trip comfortably, but unfortunately we ran out of food, and thankfully some of the other groups were kind enough to share some of their extras with us. Our meals were very quick to make, all we needed was a fire for most of them. It was a little bit of an inconvenience that my stove stopped working, but we just used our fire either way. Overall our meals were not so great, but we had lots of fun either way. I felt like my group and I performed alright but we definitely were not the best together, we fooled around way too much and didn't get much done, but we also didn't do a good planning job because we ran out of food. There was always left over garbage on the ground that needed to be picked up but overall we were alright. 

All in all, camping was great, but we could've brought more food, and planned healthier meals to better prepare ourselves for the long hike those days. Also my whole group and I could've performed better overall. 

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