Friday, June 5, 2015

algonquin trip reflection                           

i enjoyed the trip a lot.i got to do a bunch of the activities i love to do and spend days in the wilderness. it was an experience that i've wanted to do for a long time. i never wanted to leave.however this trip put a lot into perspective for me like how heavy something small becomes after carrying it for a little while. everyone on the trip had a good time and i know i did as well. this trip forced everyone to work together to get to the camp and cook, which we as well had to do together to feed the entire group.

on the days leading up to the trip i had everything organized that i was going to bring for the trip ready to be packed except the last bit of clothes that were in the dryer. when i took my clothes out i put them in my barrel all except my sweater which was still damp so i opted to toss it in the dryer to dry off overnight however i completely forgot my  sweater after thinking i had already packed this i did not realize until the first night.

on day one everyone was excited and eager for the trip and everyone wanted to get on the water in algonquin however we needed to load up the bus which went slower than planned. during the bus ride there the group was loud and eagerly awaiting the trip. when we arrived at the first lake the enormity of weight each of us would carry really was put into perspective almost every canoe had at least two barrel some 3 and some with 3 people. once mr brouwer and mrs trumpower returned from dropping off their cars we set off on the harshest lake of the trip. the paddle was on 1.5 km however the waves must've been 3 foot and hitting in multiple directions. the group was trying to stay close to shore to stay away from waves but the wind and waves battered most of the group directly into the shoreline. my canoe got past though and we paddled down the stream to the first portage about 15 m. the group made it to camp around 3 after sailing the final lake. the first night was colder than expected and brought along misty rain.

day two i was cold it was down to 0 degrees and i didn't have a sweater i packed up my stuff and went for breakfast which we ate by the fire. we went over the route for the next day which would be long and hard bringing us to the longest portage of the trip. on that portage we were told to be a good neighbor and portage another school's gear back for them. we took a long time to gather firewood due to a miscommunication.

day 3 we had an easy paddle through a beautiful canyon and saw amazing cliffs. the paddle ended when we reached a marsh campsite where we set up our tents and played cards. the group had fun that night knowing it was our final night we knew we would have an early morning the next day. we sat by the fire and told stories with mr. brouwer.

the final day was a snowy and rainy 3 km that we took slowly to enjoy the final moments all in all it was a great trip and i hope to be able to do it again sometime in the future

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