Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cross Country Ski Reflection

Cross Country Ski Reflection

The cross country ski trip was probably one of the most exerting yet enjoyable trips I’ve yet to take part in. I had never tried XC skiing before outdoor ed and I think I picked it up quite fast. I was extremely excited to be going on the trip although I do have to say that skiing 11 km did seem quite intimidating.

Seeing as I had only really tried classic skiing during outdoor ed and I knew that there was going to be no chance of me surviving the day if I didn’t learn how to skate ski, I was quite nervous. There were a bunch of people in my class that learnt how to skate ski so fast and they were skiing so far ahead of me. They kept telling me that I should be able to pick it up easily considering I figure skated and that it was the same feeling, however I just kept having difficulties. Finally, after many failed attempts and my confidence being lowered, Mrs. Trumpower took the time to teach me proper technique. Once I finally got the feel for it, I was speeding ahead of many others and caught up with my friends. Looking back now, I would’ve had a horrible trip had I not properly learnt how to skate ski.

I enjoyed the trip very much, especially all the downhills. I struggled at the start but ended up pulling through. I got the chance to really work on my leg muscles and my technique and if given the chance, I would absolutely go again.   

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