Thursday, June 18, 2015

hiking trip

Frontenac Hiking trip report gabe mcdonald

The frontenac hiking trip was a great learning experience for me. I learned so many new things, while having fun with my friends.

The first day of the trip started with the hardest hike of them all my legs were hurting and my back was killing because of my humongous bag. When we got to camp we quickly set up our tents and then started a fire to make dinner. We learned a very valuable lesson as we ate most of our food. This meant that we had to ration our food for the rest of the trip. Which left us very unhappy campers for the remaining two days. This could have been prevented if we stuck to our meal plan.

Day two started with me waking up and going for a swim to wash myself off. The water was cold but at least I didn’t stink as much as the other boys.  After that we paked up our tent and collected our garbage. Now since we all did not have enough room in our packs I was foolish enough to throw all our garbage down the outhouse. I did not think about the impact of my actions and for that reason I got in a considerable amount  of trouble. Since then I have definitly learned from my actions and it has truly taught me to think about my actions before I do something as stupid as this incident. Also for the second time I would like to apologize for my actions as I know that I put your program in jeopardy. After that we set off and hiked to our next camping ground which we ate lunch and dinner then stayed for the night.

On The third day we all woke up pretty early  and started a fire for breakfast. We then scavenged through our bags to find some food. We found some granola bars and that was our breakfast. We then headed out and walked about 3k to the bus. Throughout the trip I was very tired and I should have gotten enough sleep at night and that is something that I will improve on next time.

This hiking trip was a real eye opening experience for me and also a real learning curb. I have taken these experiences and will use them next time I am in the outdoors.

Menu Evaluation

Monday lunch- ham sandwiches
monday dinner- hot dogs and nachos

tuesday breakfast- bagels and fruit
tuesday lunch- hummus and vegtables
tuesday dinner- soup

wednesday breakfast- bagels
wednesday lunch- granola bars

This was our meal plan and unfortunately we did not really follow it as we ate most of our food the first night. We probably should have taken more food as we are growing boys. I did enjoy the taste of all the food as i give an A+ in that department. All of our food was quick easy to make and there was never any leftovers after our meals.

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