Thursday, June 11, 2015

Frontenac Hiking Trip Reflection- Hilary Alexander

Overall the Frontenac hiking trip was a great experience and something I would love to have the opportunity to do again. However there were several ups and downs on the trip, there were many times when things did not go as smoothly as we had planned.  
I learnt so many things on this trip because it was something I had never experienced before. My group and I did make a few mistakes along the way but we were able to learn and correct ourselves as we went. For example, the first morning when we woke up we all sat around the table while cooking breakfast when in reality we only needed one or two people cooking. We then had to scramble last minute to get our packs together, our tent down and get ready to hike. The next morning we were better prepared and we had two people in charge of breakfast and two taking care of packing equipment.
The trip was an amazing experience with many moments I will remember for a long time to come but the highlight of the trip for me was the lookout. The lookout at campsite 5 was an amazing view over the lake and it made me feel like all the walking we had done was 100% worth it. My group stayed the night at campsite 5 and we were fortunate enough to watch the sunset from the lookout. Watch the sun fall over the water was breath taking and we later returned to the lookout to watch the stars. Everything up there was so peaceful and I felt so calm and in touch with nature.
Although I did have a fantastic time on the trip, there were many moments when I was not enjoying myself. One of the least enjoyable moments would have been when my group and i headed to campsite 5 after lunch at the lookout and we continued on the path not seeing the campsite. We walked awhile past the campsite and the tent ended up falling out of one of my group members bag and we had to then carry it. We soon realised we had gone the wrong way and so we turned back and finally found the campsite. After an extra hike, probably close to 4k, we were all exhausted and frustrated we had made such a stupid mistake and not in the best moods.

If I were to go on a trip like this again some things I would do differently would be packing. I would definitely say I over packed if anything, next time I would pack less clothing. When on this kind of trip I wore almost the same thing everyday so I would have been able to save a lot of space by packing less clothing. Also for packing I found we brought plenty of food and ended with lots of leftovers. Considering food was one of the heaviest things we packed cutting down on some of our unnecessary snacks would have been beneficial and I would change that in the future.   

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