Saturday, June 6, 2015

Frontenac Hiking Trip Reflection

     The hiking trip was something that I will not forget as it was an unforgeable experience. My group couldn't have been any better, my group consisted of Matthew Knight, Billy and myself.

     The first day was filled with an exciting energy as I was very excited to hike for hours in Frontenac park. The first night we stayed in camp site nine.The first night was great, we had burgers which were cooked quite well, and we did not have many problems setting up our tent. The first night I had a decent sleep and had a pretty good breakfast. The next day I got a little bit of sun, but it was a great day for hiking and I enjoyed  the entire day. When we stopped for lunch and went on the lookout it was truly breathtaking, the view was beautiful and I took a few photos as well. After lunch two groups stayed at camp site four, and my group and other groups went to camp site five along with Mrs. Trumpower and Steve. I have to say that the final night was definitely the best our of the two. Our fire was AWESOME and I took photos which turned out really well. That night supper was great and hanging out, and talking with friends was also really enjoyable. The last day definitely felt the longest but it was the most rewarding to get back after three days. Getting back home was great, and I even got a tan.

     I learned multiple things, however the most important/valuable things I learned was how to fold up a tent properly, how and where to hang up my food, and how to make a fire properly. I have to say that building the fire was definitely the best part because of how big and cool the fire got. I don't think anything stood out a lot that made me not like anything. I really enjoyed this experience and loved every minute. I would say that I would want a better lunch as our group just had snack foods for lunch which I regret having as I was extremely hungry on the way back home. I would definitely do this again because it was fun, and it was nice being away from the city to enjoy and really experience nature. With that being said I would love to do it with friends and family during the summer, maybe when the water sin't so cold.

     The chores, food and everything were great. Cleaning up garbage from the ground was not an issue as both campsites I was at were quite clean. As well the other groups I was with were also quite clean. However, clean up after supper was a little bit of a challenge as cleaning pots and pans was a little bit difficult. Fortunately the first night we all worked as a team (within my group) to clean our pots, the coordination was real!Second night we didn't really have much to clean so that was not a big deal.

     In conclusion, this was an unforgettable experience and I would love to do it again with friends and family. I learned a lot, and I will be able to use those skills that I learned in the future when I go camping. It was fun, enjoyable, unforgettable, and an amazing experience that I am happy I was apart of.

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