Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gatineau winter overnight reflection

The Gatineau overnight trip was my second favorite trip, following the grade 11 portage trip at Algonquin. I found this trip to be a lot of fun because we got to play hard during the day and then cozy up in a nice cabin in the evening. I felt i was well prepared for this trip which also added to the enjoyment.

The trip started with a great departure from our school. It went great since we had organized the menu through a google doc which gave everyone easy access to the menu. We then arrived at parking lot 17 where we quickly snowshoed to our cabin. After we got settled in the cabin, we went for our first excursion. We snowshoed across brown a carman lake and up the side of a mountain. This was very tiring since the snow was very deep but it was well worth the climb. On the way down we ended up taking a quick route and jumping down multiple steep cliffs with tons of fluffy snow at the bottom. This was by far the best outdoor ed moment i have ever had. After that i was pumped with adrenaline which made my walk back that much more fun. When we got back to the cabin we had spaghetti, garlic bread and cesar salad which was very filling.

The next day of trip began with a great breakfast of bacon, eggs and fruit. After that we collected water and began our long day of skiing. We skied a large loop that was about 20 km. Half way through the loop we stopped at a cabin where we had some grilled cheese and other snacks for lunch. After that we skied towards the lusk caves. When we got there the whole caves were iced over and it looked incredible. We explored the caves for a while and then headed back towards our cabin. That day of skiing was fun at first but then got worse as i developed a blister on my foot. When we got back to the cabin i was relived because supper had been prepared and i was starving. For dinner we had a fantastic meal of fajitas.

The next day we had some pancakes for breakfast and began our short snowshoe back to parking lot 17.

Overall i think this trip was very successful apart from the power going out multiple times. It was fantastic because we had lots of time for activities as well a lot of time for relaxing in the cabin. I hope to go back there again someday.

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