Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hiking Reflection

The hiking trip in Frontenac was a great experience, although we had forgotten some items for our meals such as eggs, vegetables, and cliff bars but we had improvised instead of eggs we had mashed potatoes, and for cliff bars we ate granola. We felt that some of the things that happened unintentionally  may have set up a better time, because we had used some ground beef in pasta with lots of spices, and it made the best meal of the trip for us. 
The hiking trip provided lots of learning opportunities such as how to make a long lasting, well burning fire to last all night, and provide lots of heat. Also how to properly carry a heavy bag, and how to correctly, and efficiently use a map. 
One of the important things that i learned on this trip is that it will be so much easier to survive with teamwork, because if everyone is arguing, and against each other it will be hard to get something done in your group.
In conclusion the hiking trip was a lot of fun, and was a great experience for me as an individual, and i would like to do it again!

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