Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PAD30 Canoe Trip Reflection

Canoe Trip Reflection

On this trip i learned a lot of things like how to start a fire, how to cook full fledged meal and how to set up a tent. The parts enjoyed was at the end of the day when we got to sat around the campfire before bed. The part I least enjoyed is when we had  very long portages and had to carry the canoes while mosquitos bit at you. The things i would do different if i had the chance was probably bring a warmer sleeping bag or clothes for night time when it gets really cold. But if i had the chance to do it again i would because even though there was time where i didn't have enough to eat and was hungry or freezing at night i would just fix problems i had last time and fix them the next time i come.

A quick summary of what on the trip was on the first day we came to school early to pack our stuff, drove to algonquin, and paddled/portaged to our campsite. The next day it was the day our cooking group made 2 meals breakfast and lunch. Breakfast went well but i stayed back and packed our campsite up. Once finished we started to get on the move again. Later on in the day we made for lunch was grilled cheese which went well and I think everyone had enough to eat. One thing that was extra fun was when we got to go to a natural water slide which was fun but very cold. Nothing more out of the ordinary happened we went to our campsite had dinner and went to sleep. The third day was the day that my cooking group had to make dinner. In the morning we did the same thing as we usually did pack up our campsite and get going we then had to stop for lunch. We then continued to portage and canoe and got to our campsite where we made pasta and salad. Again i thought our cooking group did well and everyone had enough to eat. When we finished dinner and cleaned the dishes we sat by the fire then went to bed. In the morning it was the final day so we had to get going quickly. There wasn't really a rush since we were up and early and we started to canoe. The bad part was that it was freezing cold and started to snow luckily it stopped soon after and when we got to the bus stop we had lunch and drove back to Cairine.

I thought the trip was a success. Even though there were some meals where i didn't feel full or the mosquitoes were biting while portaging if asked to do it again i would.

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