Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My canoe trip by Connor roy

                                    Algonquin Canoe trip     

              When I originally heard that the outdoor ed trip was going to be a whole week i thought it was a bit much, but it turns a week goes by fast when you're canoeing most of the day. In my honest opinion looking back at this trip, it was nothing special. I enjoyed myself enough during the trip i just felt like it was missing something. maybe if the weather was warmer, and i had packed pants, i would've been content to just sit around the camp and wait for whatever meal was headed my way. It might be just me, but personally i would've enjoyed more down time for the students. i found that when i look back on this trip it doesn't feel like anything special.

              If i could go back and change the items i brought i really only would pack some warm pants. my gear was fine, i just thought it would be warm lovely weather instead of cool windy and sleeping bag wasn't really up to the task of keeping me warm when the weather was close to zero at night. so i'd bring a warm sleeping bag next time, good for temperatures around 0 degrees.

             overall the trip was a great experience that was really a little less than i expected but it still had it's moments.    

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