Sunday, May 31, 2015

Frontenac Hiking Trip Reflection

I went to Frontenac Park on April 29 to May 1, 2015 with my Outdoor Education class. My class went on this hiking trip to gain survival and tripping experience. The trip was awesome, and it taught me about team work, how to be resourceful and other important survival skills.

I learned in class what to prepare for on the camping trip. We made groups of four deciding who will cook and were we will sleep. My teacher taught our outdoor Education class how to prepare for the weather, clothing, tent, sleep, how to pack and repack. We also learned the “leave no trace” method. The “Leave no trace” is set of guidelines on how to keep our natural environment clean and safe. This preparation, set us up well for the camping trip. The only thing I would have liked to prepare for more was the hiking by doing a little bit of cardio and weight bearing exercises in the weeks before.

Overall I enjoyed the trip because my class has a lot of good and fun people to hang out with in the wilderness. I enjoyed hanging out and talking with everyone around the camp fire. Also I loved the first campsite we stayed at (campsite 9) which had a beautiful sunset view and a really nice lake.

I learned a lot of skills from this hiking trip and I will apply them next trip. For example, I think that it would be a good idea to look through my group members’ bags the day before we leave, to see if they can use smaller bags, if they forgot anything or if we can distribute the equipment more equally. Next time I will choose different group members because I noticed that some other groups seemed to work better together. I was frustrated with my teammates because some forgot food or did not help around the campsite as much as I wanted them to.

In closing I would go on the hiking trip again because of the beautiful scenery that the trail goes through and the park’s amazing campsites. I would go at the same time of year because there were few bugs and the temperatures was just right. I loved the big group camping experience and I found it made the trip a lot more fun than going with a small group.

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