Saturday, May 23, 2015

Frontenac Hiking Trip Review

Frontenac Hiking Trip

I had a really amazing time on the hiking trip. I missed a lot of the planning and preparation in class because I went on vacation, but my group filled me in on what I missed and we got everything sorted out. I packed really well but my pack was still really heavy, and my straps on my bag didn't seem to be helping much.

 When we first started, Mr. Brower told us we would be meeting him at a checkpoint near a parking lot. That is where I asked Mrs. Trumpower if she could help me with my straps and it helped so much. It didn't hurt at all anymore. The first pit stop we took was at a cliff-like area where we could fill our water bottles and take a break. Katrina and I took a very steep way down, which definitely was not a good decision but we did it anyways. I was just saying "How funny would it be if I fell in right now" when all I hear and see is Katrina fall into the lake and I don't think I have ever laughed harder in my entire life. I will never ever let her live that down. The first day went extremely well, it was tiring but I lived.

Mine, Keannas and Evans groups chose to go to the second campsite because we were told watching the sunset there was absolutely amazing. we all set up our tents really fast and started dinner. It seems everyone make a stir fry that night, and the one we made was absolutely delicious. We cleaned our dishes and then all hung out by the fire for the rest of the night just talking and hanging out. It was a great night. When we all went to bed some people in my group fell asleep right away but I couldn't sleep at all. There is something about being out of my bed that makes it so hard to sleep.

 The next morning we all made our breakfast of eggs, cleaned our dishes got packed up as fast as we could and we were off again. That days hike went by so quickly, it all seemed really flat and it was great! The weather was amazing, super warm. We stopped at the lookout for lunch, and our three groups stayed there. Kat, Hil Gil and I decided to go down to the camp first because we wanted to eat down there and completely missed the sign telling us where the camp was so we hiked probably a good 1.5km towards the next campsite before realizing it couldn't be right and turned back. We got to the site really early so we all set up our tents and hung out all day eating at random. Katrina Hilary and I went "swimming" even the other two only went in up to their knees. I jumped all the way in but the water was freezing and I couldn't stay in very long.

We went back up to the lookout once it got dark and all just sat in silence listening to the loons. We couldn't find a very good tree to hang out food and it was a giant struggle getting it up there. While we were hanging it one of the ropes broke and the bag came crashing to the ground, we also had to try and find a place to put our garbage bag that we forgot to put in a bag (there was no more space.)  That night I slept a lot better than I did the night before. Maybe it was just because I was so tired or maybe I was just getting used to the ground, i'm not sure.

The next morning we were all kind of grumpy and just wanted to go home. We packed up as fast as possible but the other group left a lot of garbage at our campsite and we had to clean it up for them.  The hike that day went really fast like the day before and we were all super happy to get to the end and just sit down, as fun as the trip was!

Overall I had an amazing time on that trip and I really wish I could do the whole thing over again.

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