Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Canoe trip reflection

Canoe Trip Reflection

The four day, three night canoe trip at Algonquin was my favorite trip I ever participated in, because of the many memories that were made. The trip made everyone experience the beauty of nature and how we need to protect our forests. The trip was an eye opener to many on the trip as they realized instead of sitting down on your couch, go out in the wilderness. Obviously without your phones/technology and experience how privileged Canadians are to still have nature in their backyard.

On the trip I learned a lot about myself and realizing how much one can be glued to their phones can miss out on so many beautiful opportunities. I enjoyed every part of the canoe trip and yes that means the portaging, because you are able to see everybody working collaboratively. In school one must depend on themselves to keep up to date with work, however on the trip people all around were willing to help you with anything. The major mistake I made during the trip was sleeping with layers and not wearing a toque. As people lose majority of their body heat from their head, this mistake resulted in all the nights being freezing for me. I now know to not wear layers when you are sleeping in your sleeping bag and wear a toque. Furthermore, I wish I jumped in to help other campers when they needed help even if they did not ask. The least enjoyable part of the trip were the mosquitoes when portaging, because the bugs are biting you every where when you’re trying not to trip over a root or rock. However, I will repeat the canoe trip any day, because of how amazing of an experience it was the first time!

Concluding, the canoe trip was such an amazing experience to build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I can not wait for next year’s trips for grade 12, as I highly believe each trip gets better and better. Thank you Mr.Brouwer for giving me this opportunity to be involved on the trip!

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