Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Canoe trip Reflection

Canoe Trip Reflection
By: Cameron Fauvel
This four day canoe trip to Algonquin park was so much fun and I really did enjoy myself. I thought you know missing four days of school would be too much and when I came back I would have so much work, but I didn't care because I enjoyed myself and the trip was totally worth it. I was so excited because it was such a different experience for me. I had never been on camping trip and had never been without electronics for more than a day, so it was a whole new experience for me.

The weather was beautiful other than the final day when it was hailing in the morning but other than that we were very fortunate with the weather. I learned so much from this trip like communicating and collaborating with others to get the job done. An important lesson I learned is to help those in need because  one day I will mostly likely need their help. Another thing which I really enjoyed was sitting at the camp fire just relaxing after a long day of canoeing. But with all the highs in this trip there were some lows and some things I could improve on to make a better trip next time. I regretted throughout the trip and I still regret not bringing extra food with me because I was so hungry for some of the parts. I also should have kept my water bottle in my bag and not in a side pocket because I lost it halfway through the trip when we were portaging and was so thirsty many times after this. Unlike some my gear and clothes were perfect I had everything I needed for a good sleep and kept warm for the whole trip. The only thing that was really annoying was the mosquitoes.  I should have covered myself from top to bottom so that they would have no where to bit, but it’s part of camping so I just dealt with it. Finally the portaging was difficult but wasn't as bad as I had originally thought it was going to be, with everyone helping each other we accomplished the portaging in a quick and sufficient manner.

In the end I had an amazing experience and a awesome time. There were some many funny moments that I will never forget about.

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