Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cross Country Ski Trip

Cross Country Ski Trip Reflection

I really enjoyed the cross country ski trip, considering the fact that I was terrified to go on it. My first time ever skiing was in the outdoor ed class, and while it wasn't very hard during class, it was because I was classic skiing. We never learned how to skate ski but I knew we would have to for the trip.

Once the trip started I was having an extremely hard time. I was going really slow and I could not for the life of me get the hang of skate skiing, and classic wasn't working very well because the trail was mostly uphill and the trail was too smooth. It went like this for approximately the first two kilometers. Eventually Mrs. Trumpower spent some time with me and gave me some tips and technique advice to try and help me and it made everything so much easier. 

I had a really good time once I got the hang of skate skiing, although I did fall quite a lot but I just laughed it off and continued trying. It was an incredibly enjoyable trip, and the lookout was beautiful. The only part I didn't enjoy was the extremely steep hill that was around the beginning of the trip. My favorite part was probably the almost 2km downhill at the end. Katrina and I stayed in the trails on the side and just cruised all the way down the hill. it was a great way to end an already amazing trip.

I feel I wore the proper clothing on the trip, as I was not too hot and not too cold. It fit well but not too tight so I could move and fall comfortably. I also packed my bag really light so it didn't really effect my balance or put too much weight on my shoulders. 

All in all I had a really amazing time on the trip and a definitely do it again.  

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