Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Canoe Trip Reflection

      Trip Reflection
            By Brett Nadeau
The Algonquin park trip was one of the funnest experiences of my life. Before the trip , I was not looking forward to it because I was upset that I was missing a few days in the gym. I thought I would make the most of since I had to go. When we arrived and got on the first lake it was so windy so i quickly had to learn how to manage the high waves. I had never canoed in waves this before so i was scared. I also learned how to cook on an open flame which i had not done before in the past myself. I learned how to manage the heat and size of the flame when cooking by adding or taking wood off the fire.

I very much enjoyed this trip. It was a great opportunity to get out and spend time with some of my closest friends. The part I liked the most about the trip was sitting around the campfire with my friends and just hanging around. The part I disliked the most was the lack of food , because I eat a lot of food and i was never satisfied with the amount I ate. Another thing I disliked was doing dishes . It was difficult to do them without running water but that also was a learning experience .

We were fortunate to have nice weather for the majority of the trip. Although it was not the sunniest of days it was just right to be out there. Except for the fact that it got extremely cold at night. If i were to go again which I hope i do , I would bring a warmer sleeping bag because at night i was quite cold. Portaging was not as hard as I thought it would be. We worked hard together as a team to make the portage move a lot faster.

All in all I would say that we had an excellent experience and I would love to do it again.

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