Monday, April 13, 2015

XC ski trip

The XC ski trip to Gatineau park was the first ski trip that i’ve ever been on and now I can say that it was an eye-opening new experience that I really enjoyed. While on the trip I learned first hand the do’s and don’ts of XC skiings.

First off on the trip I learned that you have to dress appropriately for these type of trips because if not you could get cold or over heat which are two things that can spoil a trip for you. Luckily for me I dressed with a very light long sleeve shirt and track which kept me cool as it was a very warm. I knew what to wear because i checked the temperature the morning of the trip which in the long run was a big factor of what made my day a success.

Secondly during the trip I  learned that skate skiing was the easiest way to conquer long distances so over the day I taught myself how to skate ski. It took a while at first and I ended falling many times but by lunch I was able to to skate ski. Then once we split up into groups I felt more confident because I could skate ski I chose to go in the group that would go on the extra trails which in the long run allowed me to enjoy this day much more.

Lastly I learned that you have to pack light for these trips. For this one I learned the hard way as I ended up packing too much and my bag was really heavy. This could have been avoided if I had went over the essentials of what I needed the day before.

Overall I can really say that the Xc ski trip was awesome!

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