Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wintercamp reflection

 Wintercamp was enjoyable for the most part, that being everything but the sleeping part. my group for this project was Rudolph, Matt Perra, and Dane. we had adequate food, we had cheese stuffed sausages, water, coffee, Friutopia and some dessert (Oreos and chips).  we enjoyed ourselves playing manhunt and chatting around the cooking fire with other groups. then came the time for bed, and our quincey was a bit small to fit four larger bodies into it but no one was touching the sides and the cold sink was a little low, but it was high enough to be comfy. now i personally brought a yoga mat and two summer sleeping bag, and that was, to simply say, stupid. the sleeping bags were alright as far as warmth, but the real problem was that the yoga mat wasn't retaining any of my heat but rather absorbing it and making it difficult to sleep because 75% of my body was warm and my back/sides were cold. if i had to come back next year with adjustments to my plan and supplies i'd probably bring an actual cold resistant mat to sleep on, and maybe more meat products besides sausages, and  probably a winter sleeping bag. Besides the slight sleeping problem the night was an absolute blast and i learned lot and i hope to do better next year.

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