Monday, April 13, 2015

Gabe McDonald winter camp

Winter camp was a great experience for me as it was the first time that I had ever slept outdoors in the winter. Therefore because it was my first time I learned some valuable lessons that I hope to use the next time I am in these circumstances.

   Firstly during the trip I learned that you must bring enough warm clothes and especially you must bring extra sox and proper footwear to  make sure you keep your feet warm because when you are doing certain activities such as man hunt your feet are at risk of getting wet. Now in my case I did not have proper footwear so my feet wet numerous times and I had to change my socks  numerous times. Now lucky for me I brought around 5 pairs of socks but if I had run out of socks then my trip could have been ruined and I could have gotten frost bite. Next wintercamp I will be sure to bring proper boots.

Secondly during the trip I found that bringing a below 0 degree sleeping bag is a must because I was using a +5 sleeping bag and once the tempurature dropped at night I got really cold, then once I woke up I was freezing. So that experience has made sure that I will bring a below 20 sleeping bag next year which will make sure that I will get a good night sleep and that my overall experience next year will improve.

Quinzee analysis
         Starting out when we built our quinzhee we took most consideration into detail. We made a very good cold sink and we built the walls thick enough and high enough. Though the one thing that could have been improved could have been the amount of room that we have. So I suggest that if you are building a quinzhee for the first time make sure everyone fits in it first, because thats surely what I will be doing.

Overall I can say that I really liked wintercamp and I am looking forward to it next year.  

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